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About Me


I am a registered clinical psychologist with extensive experience working with adults ages 19 years and older. I have had the privilege of working in many different settings, including hospital, community mental health, school, university and private practice.


My mission is to ensure a safe, compassionate, and collaborative therapeutic relationship. I believe that such a relationship facilitates healing and meaningful growth, as clients explore ways to cope and deal with life's challenges.The process of therapy fosters a safe environment that allows individuals to have the courage to be vulnerable, to become more self-aware, and to maintain a healing frame of mind. My philosophy of working with people includes integrating contemplative, humanistic and empirically-based approaches with the goal of providing the most professional, respectful, individualized care for people with whom I work.


I believe that as human beings we are all vulnerable, dealing with suffering and pain as we strive to cope with life’s challenges. However, I am inspired by the human spirit; our resiliency, courage and personal agency on our healing journey. My working principles are based on the practise of acceptance, mindful presence, and compassion for self and others.

“…accepting our full humanity - often struggling, uncertain, vulnerable and confused - but with great compassion”  -- Chris Germer



                                               Mindfully Awakening the Compassionate Heart


Be Present

Zhang Kaiyv

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